Here is what people have to say about working with Nina Dietrich, L.L.C.:

My multiyear experience working with Nina Dietrich, L.L.C., Public Relations & Marketing Communications was exceptional. Nina and her team were there for us every time we reached out in need of communication support and guidance. Our corporate public relations team was grateful to be able to turn to Nina … when we were making national pitches, in particular. Her guidance is based on experience and is delivered professionally, which increases its value. Nina also provides a high level of accountability and delivers measurable results, which certainly helped us meet and exceed our media relations goals. I would highly recommend Nina’s services: I promise you will get more than you pay for.
Susan M. Krieger, System Communications & Marketing
Spectrum Health

We have worked with Nina Dietrich LLC for several years as our organization’s PR go-to person. She has provided us with valuable insights that we did not have before, and she consistently gets our message out to where it should be. We value our relationship with her and look forward to it continuing for years to come.  We would highly recommend her services to everyone.
Jeff Shanton, President
New Jersey Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The Main Street Business Alliance of Hackensack began our partnership with Nina Dietrich Public Relations on the recommendation of another client we knew to be discerning and results focused. It has been our pleasure, as an equally demanding client to participate in the “I’ll take care of it” world of Nina Dietrich. This past year has been challenging for our organization as we looked to endorse high profile projects very relevant to our mission of the redevelopment and renaissance of downtown Hackensack. Nina Dietrich listened to our goals and decisively architected the year -long statement of work to get us there.  She is fearless in her resolve to perform at the highest level and her integrity is without peer.
Patrice Foresman, Executive Director
Hackensack Main Street Business Alliance

I have worked with Nina for seven years. I always find her to be insightful and able to work with our team to yield meaningful results. We can be a difficult bunch, and it's a little like herding cats, but Nina is always patient, and she keeps at it to make sure she does what is best for us. I would recommend her over working with larger agencies. She is always personally invested in your firm's success.
Kenneth A. Gruskin, AIA, Principal
Gruskin Group

"In just over a year, Nina Dietrich, L.L.C., has enabled us to launch a full-scale, carefully-tailored and successful marketing and PR campaign. Much of what the firm has accomplished for us, from helping to craft and execute a winning strategy to maximizing the material produced for the widest exposure and greatest return on investment possible, is attributable to Nina's unique ability to immerse herself in a client's business and become part of its team. Her familiarity with our business …and our industry's hot topics has allowed her to deliver valuable opportunities that we never even knew existed but that have aligned perfectly with our goals. That approach, combined with a savvy communication style, a broad, high-quality contact base, and Nina's consummate professionalism, naturally translates into solid results. Indeed, when you partner with Nina Dietrich, L.L.C., be ready for action, because the payoffs are significant and swift!
Michael Culnen, President
C&H Agency Inc.

"Nina Dietrich, L.L.C. has made it their mission to keep current their knowledge of our industry and their understanding of our business. This constant background work allows them to provide value added and responsive service that is always in synch with our corporate goals. Even while providing quick turnaround with crises management, they never let the strategic imperatives of our business out of their sights. "
Dan Rudd, Chief Financial Officer

"Working with Nina Dietrich, L.L.C. has opened up the magazine to a new world of media opportunities and, as a result, a new audience of New Jersey Monthly readers and subscribers. In discussing the merits of each issue and the viability of drawing interest from media outlets throughout the region, they are full of great ideas and honest, ethical sensibilities dedicated to spreading the magazine's message. It has been my pleasure on a personal level to work with professionals so connected to the industry, but their commitment to understanding what helps sell a magazine to the decision-makers who are constantly bombarded with requests for interviews is unsurpassed. To regularly reach an ancillary audience of busy, influential, and informed viewers and listeners does as much for the magazine as any well-reported and well-written story, and we have Nina Dietrich, L.L.C. to thank for the access and success we've attracted. "
David Chmiel, Editor
New Jersey Monthly Magazine

"Nina's forte is to approach public relations and marketing communications from a journalistic point of view. Nina knows how to create a good story and even more important, she knows her editors' needs and deadlines. Nina's relationships with the country's top editors give her a decided edge. Editors take her phone calls and read her emails which cannot be underestimated. Nina is unquestionably one of the country's top business-to-business publicists. She rose to prominence by doing PR work the old-fashioned way: terrific writing, the ability to spot a trend or tie a story to a news angle, and day-to-day contacts with the editors that have the power to green light a story. "
Ellen Lubin-Sherman, Personal Marketing Coach and Principal

"Nina Dietrich, L.L.C. consistently produces cutting edge PR initiatives. Nina's professionalism, accessibility, and attention to detail are exemplary. Regularly around the country, multi-family clients and service providers alike comment on the excellence of her work. Nina is very bright, original, and a pleasure to collaborate with on projects. She is savvy, understands our business, and reacts expediently to our needs. "
Paul Kaliades, President
Renters Legal Liability

"Our organization has worked with Nina and her group for the past eight years. We pride ourselves on working with the very best people in each area of service. Nina fits into that category and we very much value our relationship with her and her team. "
Bruce Schonbraun, Managing Partner
The Schonbraun McCann Group

"The most productive, profitable and enjoyable part of my career was built with the advice and guidance of Nina Dietrich. After working with Nina for only a short period of time, I realized that I was never going to need another PR advisor again. Although Nina was paid as a consultant, I always considered her voice as part of my firm's top management. Nina is simply one of the best in the business, a 'super pro'. I had the option of choosing anyone in the business, and now looking back, one of the best business decisions I ever made was choosing her. "
Mark Minervini, President
Quantech Research Group, Inc.

"I have worked with Nina Dietrich for nearly a decade, marketing a variety of products and services. Clients repeatedly reported an increase in sales, customer inquiries and ongoing positive perceptions as a result of published articles and broadcast interviews placed by Nina Dietrich, L.L.C. … Nina begins by listening to a client and then creates a media strategy that focuses on a client’s business goals. She instinctively thinks like a reporter and marketer all at once. By applying the highest ethical standards and strategically positioning internal client sources and their expertise, influential print and broadcast journalists have come to depend on Nina Dietrich, L.L.C. to deliver quotable experts that help them inform their audience. This has created long-term relationships with journalists who trust Nina, her team and the information sources they represent.  This is the cornerstone of the value the firm brings to its clients.  I have worked with many marketers over the years.  The passion with which Nina directs her team, works with the media and ultimately fulfills the responsibilities to her clients is unparalleled. "
Nancy S.